Meet the Board

The SCiP Alliance is governed by a board which provides:

  • Collaborative leadership for the achievement of the SCiP Alliance’s mission and oversight for the development and delivery of the SCiP Alliance strategy and plans;
  • Support, challenge and advice to the SCiP Alliance staff team.

Our board members include:

  1. The University of Winchester (SCiP Alliance Chair): Sarah Harder Collins
  2. MOD AFFS: Russell Collier
  3. Army Families Federation: Anna Hutchinson
  4. Naval Families Federation: Becky Lovell
  5. RAF Families Federation: Ali Stokes
  6. Service Children in State Schools (SCISS) Representative: secondary Amanda Rowley (The Wavell School, Farnborough)
  7. Primary School Representative: Steph Fawdry (RAF Benson Community Primary School)
  8. 16-19 Representative: Martyn Rogers (Canterbury College and East Kent College)
  9. Student from a military family: Kieron Allen
  10. Scotland Representative: Laura Falconer, Forces Children Scotland
  11. Welsh Representative: Ross Hall, University of South Wales

Our Partners