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Four out of ten Service children who have the ability to progress into higher education are unlikely to do so.

(McCullouch and Hall, 2016)

The SCiP Alliance is committed to improving further and higher education outcomes for Service children. We need to know better before we can do better. That's why the SCiP Alliance is a research-practice hub.

In our first year we have:

  • Published research that established the low participation rate for Service children, drew attention to the need for systematic monitoring of progress, and provided the foundation for the SCiP Alliance.
  • Undertaken the first ever analysis of Ministry of Defence data to build a clearer picture of the educational journeys of and landscape for Service children.
  • Established the SCiP Alliance Research Hub, which brings inter-disciplinary researchers from across the UK and beyond together to ask and answer key questions about Service children's progression and what we can do to improve it. Find out more here.
  • Established a PhD Studentship, funded by the University of Winchester, which will scale up our research capacity and deepen our exploration.


Read McCullouch and Hall's research, the starting point for our work.

Further and Higher Progression for Service Children, McCullouch and Hall, 2016

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