York and North Yorkshire (Future HY) Uni Connect Programme

The Uni Connect Programme, Higher York, based at York St John University, leads the SCiP Alliance Yorkshire and North East hub and is a partner in the 2018-19 Uni Connect-SCiP Alliance project.

Uni Connect consortia are tasked with developing programmes of sustained and progressive outreach that are appropriate to the needs and aspirations of the young people living in their allocated target areas. It is the wards themselves, rather than just the schools and colleges within them, which form the bedrock of the Higher York approach. Known locally as FutureHY, the partnership is focused on walking the wards to gain deeper local knowledge, making it better able to address both school and community need. This consultative approach gives individuals, groups and institutions the chance to access evidence-based core activity while allowing them to tackle their own, most pertinent issues, via targeted bespoke funding opportunities. Sustained interlocking interventions are mapped clearly to the partnership’s NERUPI-based evaluation framework.