Our Strategy: 2022-2026

COMMUNITY & IMPACT - How building our community will enhance our impact on Service children’s lives

By building the community that our research says is one of the Alliance’s most valued assets, we will increase the number of allies working together and the quality of the support we provide for Service children - and the impact on their lives. By deepening our understanding of that impact and sharing that knowledge with the sector, we will continually strengthen the case for collaborative action - and engagement in our community. That is the Community Impact cycle.

SCiP Alliance Strategy 2022-2026

2022 2026 Strategy

Building our Community

Every day, throughout the UK and overseas, thousands of professionals – in education, research, governments, charities and more – contribute to UK Service children’s wellbeing and success. They come together as part of the Alliance Community to enhance their work for Service children by sharing challenges, solutions, resources and the successes made possible through their collaborations.

Enhancing our Impact

Rigorous research and its systematic application to practice and policy are in the Alliance’s DNA. Allies repeatedly cite the robust foundations of the support the Alliance provides – whether practical tools, training, guidance or resources – as key to improving the scale and quality of their work with and for Service children. Demonstrating and understanding the impact of that work will enable us to sustain and grow our impact.

Community Impact Diagram

Our strategic approach

Our independent community consultation demonstrated the high value placed on the Alliance and its activities, and it highlighted the significant potential of existing assets to achieve even more. In response, our strategy focuses on investing in existing strengths and targeted new developments to maximise our support for the community and our support for collective impact on Service children’s lives. The strategic goals that follow demonstrate how we will embed, enhance and expand existing work, and establish key developments to achieve our community and impact goals.

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