The SCiP Alliance

The Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance is a partnership of organisations focused on improving outcomes for children from military families. It is hosted by the University of Winchester and supported by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The SCiP Alliance's vision:

Thriving lives for Service children

The SCiP Alliance’s Mission:

We bring together practitioners, researchers, policymakers and funders to build a stronger evidence-base, better policy, and enhanced support for Service children’s education and progression, placing their voices at the heart of all we do

The SCiP Alliance pursues this vision and mission by leading collaborative work to develop a robust evidence base, connect and support practitioners and influence the policy environment. Our responses are developed with and through young people with lived experience.

The SCiP Alliance:

  • Brings people together through a UK-wide Hub Network, collaborative projects and high-quality conferences - enabling collective resources and expertise to be deployed effectively, improving practitioners’ work with Service children’s education and progression.
  • Develops easily accessible evidence based resources and support - helping practitioners to confidently deliver quality support to Service children and each other, by sharing ideas, challenges and action.
  • Leads rigorous research that addresses Service children’s and their allies priorities - helping us to understand their lives and what works to improve them.
  • Raises awareness of Service children’s needs and provides evidence-based policy advice and guidance - helping Policymakers remove barriers to progression and target resources and support.

Service children's voices permeate all the Alliance does. Not only is this an important basis for understanding the context for Service children before looking at how to better support them, but it speaks to Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which makes it incumbent upon us to help ensure that the voices of young people are heard in an appropriate manner and that their opinions are taken seriously and considered when policy makers look at things that involve them. The 2020 Listening to Learn report improved our understanding of how those in our community act on this commitment.


Over an initial three-year funding period to August 2019, the SCiP Alliance:

  • Established itself as the ‘go-to’ online source of support for education practitioners and leaders supporting Service children’s progression into and through further and higher education;

  • Created an online bank of resources for effective practice including:

    • Policy information relating to Service children’s education,

    • Research and evidence identifying the scale and scope of needs both nationally and locally, as well as what works in improving progression into and through further and higher education,

    • Effective practice resources including guidance, case studies and materials;

  • Became an established voice for Service children and those working to support their success – speaking from a strong evidence and representative stakeholder base to policy-makers and influencers.

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