Our projects

Thriving Lives toolkit dissemination and enhancement programme

The SCiP Alliance is running a programme of work to develop the Thriving Lives toolkit, including:

  • A UK-wide series of conferences for schools, funded by the Education Support Fund
  • research in Scotland and Wales, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust
  • UK-wide evaluation, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust
  • an interactive online toolkit, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust
  • a survey tool to help schools listen to and support their Service families, followed by evaluation of the tool, funded by the Education Support Fund
  • pilot training for Uni Connect staff to help them plan how to use the toolkit to support schools, 
  • a project to evaluate how the toolkit can enhance collaboration between schools in an area.

A project delivery group, comprising representatives from each nation, the MOD and a representative from the families’ federations, oversees several of these linked enhancement projects.

Post-16 programme

Tackling Loneliness project

The Alliance has secured Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust funding for a project with the Brightside trust to co-develop an online space for Service children aged 16-19 to share experiences. The steering group met in June and student focus groups are planned in July to inform development of the platform for launch in November.

16-19 research and policy project:

  • Uni Connect funded scoping work looking at:

1.      The scale and nature of the post-16 sector in England

2.      The level of the post-16 sector’s awareness of Service children.  

The Alliance is currently seeking match funding for £55,000 contributed by the Uni Connect partners to enable it to build across the UK on the scoping work through a follow-on project in 2021-22, such as:

  • Quantitative analysis of datasets such as the National Pupil Database, ILR and HESA
  • In-depth qualitative research with a range of stakeholders in a representative sample of post-16 settings.

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