Service Children in State Schools

Who are we?

SCISS is an affiliation of up to 6,000 state-maintained schools in England which have Service   children on roll and is led by a National Executive Advisory Committee (NEAC) of headteachers and Local Authority officers/advisers, together with personnel from the DfE and MOD’s Directorate for Children and Young People (DCYP).  

How are schools identified as SCISS schools?

SCISS schools used to be entirely self-nominating, having become aware, by default or design, of the work of the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS), part of the MOD’s DCYP. Since the introduction of the Service Pupils’ Premium (SPP) in England, the DfE now shares information with CEAS about the identity of those schools which draw down the SPP. Work is ongoing to expand CEAS’s database of SCISS schools to include all such schools.  

What do we do?

The NEAC acts as an advisory group to Government, to identify good practice in the provision of education for Service children and to propose solutions to those issues and concerns held by English schools which may result in educational disadvantage to such children.  

Through use of the increasing database held by CEAS, the NEAC seeks to ensure that its knowledge of current practice, issues and concerns is up to date and as exhaustive as possible, so that it can continue to be an authoritative voice on behalf of SCISS schools.

The NEAC currently holds a number of conferences which focus on the sharing of good practice. Its members also stand as the regional panel for the consideration of bids to the MODs £6m Education Support Fund.  

The NEAC publishes a ‘Handbook’. This resource endeavours to help school and Local Authority staff to understand many of the implications for schools in providing for Service children and to identify sources of further help and information.  

What are its achievements to date?

Submissions made together by the school, Local Authority and MOD representatives on the NEAC were influential in persuading the Government to introduce discrete funding for schools in England to help them provide more effectively for Service children. This funding is in the forms of the SPP and the Support Fund for Schools with Service Children; the latter is a U.K.-wide initiative, enabling schools and local authorities, mainly, to bid for shares of a Fund worth £6m per year up until 2017/18.  

Core purpose of the SCISS NEAC  

To influence and advise the MoD, DfE and Local Authorities on national policy issues regarding the    education and well-being of Service children in schools in England and to develop and disseminate an informed national perspective about the issues facing those schools and local authorities which serve them.      

Roles and Responsibilities  

The current key tasks of the SCISS NEAC are to:  

1.     Continue to represent, champion and raise awareness of Service children, including the development of a communication plan and updating of the SCISS handbook;


2.     Investigate the development of SCISS ‘accreditation’, commitment or pledge for schools;

3.     Continue to influence policy via government consultations;

4.     Address the need of schools with only a few service children;


5.     Provide training and guidance for schools and local authorities.


The National Executive Advisory Committee members are:

John Stephens

(Chair) Headteacher, Goosewell Academy (Plymouth)

Matt Blyton

(Vice-Chair) Lead Improvement Adviser 0-11, Education and Skills,  North Yorkshire LA

Hilary Alcock

Headteacher, Buntingsdale School (Shropshire)

Alex Bostock

Retired Headteacher (Wiltshire)

Steph Fawdry

Headteacher, RAF Benson Community Primary School (Oxfordshire)

Mary Kiely

Access and Admissions Strategy Team Manager,  Nottinghamshire LA

Andrew Malcolm

MoD Schools    

Angela Maxted

Headteacher, Cheriton Primary School (Kent)

Sue Mason

Headteacher, Brompton Westbrook Academy (Medway)

Amanda Rowley

Headteacher, Wavell School (Hampshire)

Phil Bannister

Department for Education

Lucy Scott      

Education and Childcare Specialist, Army Families Federation

Bridget Nicholson

Head of Strategy, Naval Families Federation

Russell Collier

Principal Education Officer, DCYP

Philip Dent     

SCiP Alliance Director 

Julie Muspratt

(Secretary) Education Allowances Officer, DCYP


Cooperation between SCISS and the SCiP Alliance