Funders' Forum

The SCiP Alliance Funders' Forum purpose is to

Improve the impact and efficiency of funding supporting thriving lives for Service children.

The Funders’ Forum is for organisations funding (e.g. through grant-making or commissioning) work dedicated to Service children’s support. Through the Forum funders seek to enhance their work through three themes:

  • Evidence-based funding
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Equitable access

The Forum is a funder-led response to these priorities aligning new approaches with complementary developments in the wider SCiP Alliance Community. The Forum is open to all organisations funding support for Service children - whether through grants to individuals or their families, or organisations providing support (like schools or charities).

The Forum exists to help funders do together what they cannot achieve alone, or what they can do better together than separately.

Find out more

If you would like to join the SCiP Alliance Funders' Forum or find out more, please contact the Forum Chair, Clare Scherer, CEO of the Naval Children's Charity ( or Philip Dent, SCiP Alliance Director (

SCiP Alliance Funders' Forum Action Plan 2022-23

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