Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council has a long standing relationship with the military due to the significant army presence and a sizeable number of RAF and Royal Naval staff previously, in the county. In more recent years, the Military Civilian Integration Partnership, established in 2006, has brought together military and public services maximising the economic and social benefits of Wiltshire’s military presence. It seeks to ensure the military community forms good relations with the civilian population. This relationship is becoming increasingly important as an additional 4,000 service personnel and their families are due to move to Wiltshire by the end of the decade as part of the government’s Army Basing Programme.

Earlier this year, Wiltshire Council reaffirmed its Wiltshire Armed Forces Covenant which commits Wiltshire Council, businesses and public and voluntary sector organisations from across Wiltshire to work with the military bringing their knowledge, experience and expertise to provide help and advice to members of the Armed Forces Community. It also encourages the Armed Forces to support their community and promote activity which encourages integration with civilian life.

Wiltshire Council’s School Effectiveness team currently works closely with Service family schools in the county to ensure the very best education for pupils.  The team have provided support through training and the provision of intervention staff to improve pastoral care and academic achievement in schools.  The team also currently represents Wiltshire on the Service Children in State Schools (SCISS) board to champion the Service child at a national level.