The evidence-based Thriving Lives toolkit explains the 7 principles of effective support for Service children in school and provides self-reflection questions linked to further guidance, case studies and resources. At this conference you will explore the principles, reflect on your practice and plan action back in school.

The conference consists of two sessions, you will need to register for both dates:

Session 1: Wednesday 17th March, 10am – 12pm Understanding Service children’s lives and how the Alliance helps, How schools can use the Thriving Lives Toolkit to help Service children thrive?

Session 2: Thursday 25th March, 10am - 12pm Who can help schools help Service children thrive, and how?

Please note that Session 1, will be of interest to schools across the UK. Session 2 will focus on provision in Lancashire and North West and so will be of particular benefit to schools in these areas.

The SCiP Alliance Hub network is planning further online conferences in other areas of the UK in early 2021. Please contact info@scipalliance for more information on other locations.

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