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It's the Year of the Service Child Voice. This year's programme of research activities, briefings and events aims to capture, represent and disseminate the voice of Service children in education. While the SCiP Alliance's role is to support the professionals who work with Service children, we believe it is vital that the unique voices of Service children themselves inform this work. 

The vast majority of representation and resource is based understandably on those schools with a high proportion of Service children, such as those 'behind the wire' on a forces base, who have the experience and resources to understand the context for these young people and put appropriate support in place. We must also make sure we reflect the experiences of more dispersed Service children, for example in the 31% of English state schools receiving Service Pupil Premium who do so for only one child and the 35% of Service Pupil Premium recipients being educated in schools with 12 or fewer Service pupils.

This year's focus on the Service child voice will culminate in a report bringing together activity, outcomes and recommendations from partners across the country; please let us know how you hear the Service child voice and more importantly what you hear.

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