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The SCiP Alliance's strong partnership with the Royal Caledonian Education Trust (RCET) is the backbone of work to support the progression of young people from Service families in Scotland. Moira Leslie, RCET education manager, was quick to spot the potential for RCET's expertise to support these young people in decision making and progression, including into and through further and higher education; RCET took an early lead to support the Alliance's UK-wide work and to establish the SCiP Alliance Scotland Hub.

RCET's 2020 impact report, published today, features the charity's leadership of the SCiP Alliance Scotland Hub, in partnership with Herriot Watt University. RCET led the development of the first Creative Forces event for Service children in Scotland, with Abertay University last year. The quotes in the report, gathered as part of the UK-wide event evaluation, are indicative of the impact the event had on young people's confidence, awareness and likelihood of seeing university of a potential destination after school. RCET's expertise and long experience in youth participation in particular, which comes across strongly in the impact report, has informed the Alliance's work and feeds into the Alliance's Year of the Service Child Voice report to be published next month.

The SCiP Alliance could not impact on the lives and progression of Service children across the UK without such open and supportive partnership; the RCET impact report demonstrates a breadth and depth of impact we are very proud to be a part of.

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