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The SCiP Alliance welcomes the publication of the independent report to Government, 'Living In Our Shoes', by Andrew Selous MP. The Alliance responded to the call for evidence and the report authors spoke at length to the Alliance and its partners, including the Alliance’s student board member. The Alliance’s work and partners feature strongly in the report, which looks at all aspects of Service family life. The report calls for national tracking and reporting of Service children’s outcomes. Among its strong recommendations, several speak to the heart of work the SCiP Alliance leads:

‘The Department for Education and the MOD to support the development of evidence-based tools, resources, and practitioner guides for all education professionals working with Service children throughout the UK.
‘The Department for Education, the Devolved Governments and the MOD to prioritise more detailed, robust research into Service children’s academic choices, attainment levels, educational outcomes and career progression, and explore the factors which might hinder educational outcomes’.

Phil Dent, SCiP Alliance Director said: 

‘The SCiP Alliance is delighted to have contributed to the research underpinning this report. Data suggests Service children are distributed throughout the UK and may be in as many as half of primary and secondary schools; we believe it is imperative that the impact of their parents’ service on young people’s lives is fully understood. The SCiP Alliance is growing the scale and impact of evidence-based practice so that Service children can be supported to thrive throughout and beyond their educational journey.”

Dr Michael Hall, SCiP Alliance Researcher said: 

“I very much welcome the publication of this report.  In particular, I welcome the report’s recommendation of further research into Service children’s academic choices, attainment levels, educational outcomes and career progression. The SCiP Alliance recognises the diversity of experience of Service children, so it is essential that we understand the breadth of their experiences and that their voices are central to the planning and provision of education.”


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