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From small beginnings in 2017 to a final meeting this week reflecting on the strengths we will take forward, the SCiP Alliance practice group has brought together an open, collaborative and committed cross-sector partnership which will give a firm foundation for the community we plan to create. A new online community will be developed as a platform for diverse perspectives to generate new evidence, ideas and practice.

The need for such a community was recently highlighted as a task and finish group, born from our strong foundational network, mapped teacher CPD being developed across the sector. The challenge will be to be embed regular review into the Alliance's structures going forward. You can read the task and finish group's report here. 

Community Strengths

The practice group's final meeting identified strengths we will take forward, such as a relentless focus on the Service child over organisational agendas, the feeling that everyone is the Alliance, and simply enjoying working together with shared purpose.

An interim management group will now be established to create the conditions for regular review and reflection to get to the root of what is happening in the community. We will build a coherent picture of the needs, strengths, practice and new evidence to guide and strengthen our collective endeavours. How we do this systematically will be the challenge for the rest of this year. For now, I'm celebrating how far we've come and how much I have enjoyed being with such open, collaborative, diverse colleagues all focussed on the common goal of helping Service children to thrive.

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