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Join the Management Group shaping the Service Children's Progression Alliance's future Community and sector priorities. The call for members will be open throughout December and close on Wednesday, 5 January 2022.

The SCiP Alliance Management Group will oversee an annual consultation cycle gathering diverse perspectives from the wider community, distilling the insights gained into priorities for the Alliance and recommendations for the sector. The SCiP Alliance would like to hear from people who can bring the following perspectives:

  • Service children (you might be a Service child and/or represent a Service children network/s)*
  • Schools, including both primary and secondary
  • Further education providers/colleges
  • Careers provision/advisers
  • Youth work with Service children
  • Mental health and wellbeing professionals working with Service children
  • Research in fields pertinent to Service children’s education and wellbeing
  • Funders of work with Service children
  • Charities working to support Service children and/or families
  • Northern Ireland policy/education relating to Service children

* A key priority in the first year is developing safe, ethical and meaningful ways to bring diverse Service child voices into our work. While we develop these, we are looking for adults who can provide Service child perspectives because you have experience of being a Service child and/or can represent networks of Service children.

We are looking for members who are committed to and skilled in working in ways that fit with what is important to the Alliance and its members:

  • Collaborative decision-making
  • Consensus-building
  • Asset-based approaches
  • Leading by example
  • Integrity

We are keen to explore how your experiences, role and expertise can add value to the group and the Alliance; if you are interested please contact the SCiP Alliance Management Group Chair, Philip Dent (SCiP Alliance Director-, to arrange an initial conversation or send an email briefly noting the perspective/s you hope to bring to the Management Group (please refer to the list above) and outlining the skills, experience, expertise and networks that make you well-placed to represent them.

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