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The SCiP Alliance Thriving Lives toolkit online platform is now live and schools across the UK are registering to reflect on and develop their practice supporting children and young people in Armed Forces families. Underpinned by rigorous research and thoroughly tested in schools, the platform provides schools with a framework of 7 principles of effective support. The new online interactive platform allows schools to evaluate their level of support for students from Armed Forces families through the 7 key principles of effective support laid out in the toolkit.  The platform’s user-friendly interface allows multiple members of staff to access the school’s record, reflect on their practice, set goals, chart their progress, download reports and work together on developing support.

The Alliance website holds a Welsh version of the principles and self-reflection questions and a 3-tier set of CPD resources to support schools in using the toolkit. For each of the 7 principles of effective support schools can access:

  • an introductory animation;
  • a detailed resource introducing the evidence base, what schools can do to support their Service children and who can help and;
  • school case studies.

The interactive toolkit is the result of a rewarding journey with a diverse group of Allies, from the initial investment in the first iteration of the framework by a group of six Uni Connect partnerships, through collaborative piloting, refinement and development with the Alliance’s Hub Leads and Practice Group, to further UK-wide research and the commissioning of the interactive online platform for schools, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. On the way, the SCiP Alliance Hub Network has run a UK-wide series of online conferences helping schools to understand the 7 principles of effective support for children and young people from Armed Forces families.

Whether you have one Armed Forces family or are supporting a largely military population, the Thriving Lives toolkit online platform and associated resources will help you help your Service children.   

Project funded by: Armed Force Covenant Fund Trust

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