SCiP Alliance Annual Conference 2020

The SCiP Alliance Conference Online took place on 20 October 2020.  

The audience of policymakers, researchers, charities and school, college and university practitioners heard from the researchers behind the Thriving Lives Toolkit and from schools and other stakeholders involved in the pilot. There was also lively discussion on a policy panel and an opportunity to learn more about the context for Service children’s lives and to hear from partnerships working directly with Service children.

The new Toolkit is available here:

The event also launched an Online Targeting Tool, funded by 6 Uni Connect partnerships and ABF the Soldiers’ Charity. This tool provides policy makers and practitioners with a clear picture of the number and distribution of Service children by local authority, based on English Service Pupil Premium data.

Download the day's agenda

The conference was recorded in three sessions. 

Session one, The Thriving Lives Toolkit - the journey from practitioner need, through research and pilot to the launch of a self-reflection tool for schools supporting children from Armed Forces families:

Session two featured policy keynotes and a policy panel:

Session three explored the context for Service children's lives with the Naval Families Federation, Army Families Federation and RAF Families Federation, followed by four practice case studies where practitioners worked together to support Service children in education:

Conference presenters have kindly shared their slides, so please relive the conference at your leisure through the following slideshow:

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