MOD Youth Voice residential 2022

The MOD held a Tri - Service Youth Voice Residential in July 2022. Here's what the young people said.

Missing friends and moving are their key issues.

Solutions might include:

Research into single parent households:

  • Who are the audience - military families, serving personnel, charities, CO/Becky, "Big Guns"
  • What? Create a national survey in order to develop better working arrangements for serving folks, and to improve communication within families.
  • When? In the next six months, with change being delivered in 2 + years time.
  • Why? To understand the needs of military children in order to help them.
Support for parents and families:
  • What? Time off school to spend time with family member before and after deployment.
  • What? Free wifi all round so it is easier to contact parents and free video calls.
  • Who is our audience? The Minister for Education, young people under 18 and the schools.
  • Why do we want to do this? To provide more bonding time with family members, improve the mental wellbeing of military families; the time missed could affect the relationship of the child/teenager and the parent who goes away.
  • When - how long will it take to do? Approx 3+ years

Support for parents and families:
  • What? Better communication with the deployed parent. The ability to meet people before the move and a welcome leaflet by young people for young people to help them get to know an area. 
  • Who are the audience? Youth workers, parents and civilian parents, young people and schools.
  • Where? Home, Schools and websites.
  • Why? To increase support to particularly young people.
  • When? Youth voice group members to go back to their areas and develop their own welcome leaflets by Christmas 2022.

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