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The SCiP Alliance stakeholder consultation 2018

The Service Children’s Progression Alliance commissioned a consultation exercise with existing and potential stakeholders to inform the Alliance's strategic priorities and identify the services, activities and opportunities that would enable practitioners to further support the educational success and progression of Service children.

Forces, Friends and The Future: what is important to Service children

A poster produced by Service family students from Richmond School and Sir Francis Xavier School with the support of the SCiP Alliance Yorkshire and North East hub

Creative Forces pack - guidance for running HE access and outreach events with Service children

This pack presents the experiences and ideas of HE outreach professionals and shares the resources they have used to organise and run events in their area

What Service children want you to know

Key messages drawn from the 'top tips for schools' devised by Service children at events across the country:

Our Partners

  • Army Families Federation
  • Army Welfare Service
  • Bath Spa University
  • Directorate of Children and Young People
  • Hampshire County Council
  • King's College London, Centre for Military Health Research
  • Naval Families Federation
  • NCOP Higher Horizons+
  • NCOP Higher York (Future HY)
  • NCOP Next Steps South West
  • NCOP Southern Universities Network
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • RAF Families Federation
  • The Royal British Legion
  • Royal Caledonian Education Trust
  • Service Children in State Schools
  • The University of Stirling
  • The University of Winchester
  • Wiltshire Council