3Achievement is maximised

Teaching, assessment and support ensure the continuity of Service children’s learning and progression.

The extensive research that powers The Thriving Lives Toolkit found that Service children's diverse experiences may impact on their achievement. Progression can be impacted by the complex interplay of factors such as anxiety during separation, curriculum gaps, and mis-aligned exam options. While Service children are underrepresented in higher education, however, they have opportunities to develop strengths such as adaptability, independence and maturity.

Effective schools understand the risks and put in place measures to overcome challenges and help Service children build on their strengths.

A quick introduction to Achievement is maximised

Enhance your support - self-directed training module

Enhance your support for Service children in relation to Principle 3: Achievement is maximised through the following self-directed professional development module. This CPD resource, written by a collaboration of professionals specifically for schools, explores the evidence base, and looks at what schools can do and who can help you ensure Achievement is maximised.

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