7Staff are well-informed

Supportive training and networks ensure all staff understand and support each Service child.

The extensive research that powers The Thriving Lives Toolkit found that many young people growing up in Armed Forces families experience a very different childhood to their civilian classmates and want their complex lives to be understood by the people supporting them. 

Effective schools work to understand the life of an Armed Forces family and reach out to local networks. Supportive and well-informed school staff can be protective factors in situations such as deployment.

A quick introduction to Staff are well-informed

Enhance your support - self-directed training module

Enhance your support for Service children in relation to Principle 7: Staff are well-informed through the following self-directed professional development module. This CPD resource, written by a collaboration of professionals specifically for schools, explores the evidence base, and looks at what schools can do and who can help you ensure Staff are well-informed.

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