6Parents are engaged

Strong home-school partnerships help Service families feel valued as part of the school community.

The extensive research that powers The Thriving Lives Toolkit found that understanding and supporting parents is key to supporting Service children. Parents in the Armed Forces often live away from home and may lack a close support network.

Effective schools foster confidence through empathy, communication, and collaboration with families. By engaging with parents they understand and mitigate factors affecting the Service child, such as mobility and separation, and can provide support for the whole family when needed.

A quick introduction to Parents are engaged

Enhance your support - self-directed training module

Enhance your support for Service children in relation to Principle 6: Parents are engaged through the following self-directed professional development module. This CPD resource, written by a collaboration of professionals specifically for schools, explores the evidence base, and looks at what schools can do and who can help you ensure Parents are engaged.

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