Post-16 scoping research 2021

The FE sector presents a significant and enduring challenge because we know very little about Armed Forces student’s experiences in this phase of their education. Furthermore, the tracking of Armed Forces student’s post-16 is challenging and very few colleges are known to seek this data. The Service Children’s Progression Alliance community identified a low awareness and understanding of the challenges, strengths and pathways of young people in Armed Forces families in post-16 education. In response, the Alliance carried out scoping research and convened a summit of key stakeholders in July 2021 to consider the way forward. 

Read the SCiP Alliance report examining the research and drawing recommendations for a national strategy to address support for Service children in the 16-19 phase.

Read Dr Michael Hall's research report

Download slides outlining Dr Michael Hall's scoping research, from the July 2021 FE summit

Download a report of a qualitative study by Louisa Dobson of Future HY, scoping the support for young people from Armed Forces families post-16

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