SCiP Alliance London Hub virtual training conference for schools Session 2: How schools can use the Thriving Lives Toolkit to help Service children thrive?

The evidence-based Thriving Lives toolkit explains the 7 principles of effective support for Service children in school and provides self-reflection questions linked to further guidance, case studies and resources. 

The SCiP Alliance London Hub looks forward to welcoming delegates on 28th June to explore the principles, reflect on your practice and plan action back in school. In order to get the most from the time, please watch the introductory content here. In session 1, SCiP Alliance Director, Phil Dent, introduces the Alliance and the context for Service children. This page contains session 2. Kath Lawrence, SCiP Alliance Head of Operations, explains the robust research underpinning the Thriving Lives toolkit. Then delve into the toolkit itself with SCiP Alliance Project Manager Rachel Lad.

We look forward to seeing you online on 28th April at 3pm, when we will explore in more detail how schools can use the toolkit to help Service children thrive. In the meantime, do take a look at the training modules referenced in the videos, ready to reflect together on the 28th.

These events are hosted by the Service Children's Progression Alliance, which is based at the University of Winchester. Please read the SCiP Alliance online events privacy policy here.

Session 2 How can schools use the Thriving Lives toolkit to help Service children thrive?

Part 1: The toolkit's evidence base

Part 2: The 7 Principles of Effective Support

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