Post 16: Connecting Young Adult Service Children aged 16-19

Aim: To develop an online space (Connected Forces) for young people aged 16-19 from Armed Forces families, providing connection and a sense of belonging, particularly for young people who are in areas with few Service children and in schools and colleges with few targeted support mechanisms. To explore the value of near-to-peer sustained digital support for 16-19 year olds from Armed Forces families.

Partners: Brightside, with funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

Outputs: A peer-led-platform for young people aged 16-19 from Armed Forces families, allowing participants to chat with peers, access learning and support resources, attend webinars and engage in activities such as 'ask the expert'.

The project combines the SCiP Alliance’s network and expertise with the skills, experience and technology of digital outreach charity Brightside, which has over 18 years of experience in delivering digital support for young people by creating and managing spaces for participants to build and maintain supportive relationships. A holistic approach to development was built in; Brightside’s bespoke digital platform has been developed with input from young people and this project began with focus groups to flesh out the specific needs of this cohort.

Project funded by: Armed Force Covenant Fund Trust

Connected Forces End of Project Report

Brightside Evaluation Report

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