Post-16 Research-to-Practice Project

A collaboration of nine Uni Connect partnerships and the SCiP Alliance have agreed to collaborate to deliver a qualitative research project, exploring the post-16 experiences of Service children, as well as identifying examples of effective support and a practical framework to enhance impact throughout the sector. The research will build on the foundations laid by the 2020-21 post-16 scoping project and explore the potential for a post-16 framework for effective practice.

The scoping project addressed two priorities – to better understand:

  • The scale and nature of the post-16 sector in England
  • The level of the post-16 sector’s awareness of Service children

The project will now build on the findings of the scoping project through four additional priorities:

  • Understanding the context for and experiences of Service children in the post-16 phase
  • What data is needed to inform understanding and effective action, including the scale and distribution of the Service child population
  • Existing practice supporting Service children post-16
  • The priorities and key actions necessary to enhance Service children’s outcomes

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