Thriving Lives Toolkit Enhancement Project 2021

Aim: To scale-up the Thriving Lives Toolkit across the UK by translating it into an easily accessible online tool, so that schools everywhere develop better support for Service children.

Partners: The research was delivered by iCeGS at the University of Derby and overseen by a steering group of UK-wide stakeholders. The work was funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

Project funded by: Armed Force Covenant Fund Trust

The Alliance community told us that education professionals need more help to provide the right support by being better connected with each other, with research and with evidence-based support. The Thriving Lives Toolkit helps all schools, regardless of their context, to improve their awareness of Service families’ lives and to mitigate the potential impacts that can result and support Service children to make the most of their opportunities.

Having demonstrated through independent research the need and the value of the Toolkit in addressing it, this project has enabled the evidence-based Toolkit to be translated into a format that can be easily accessed by all schools throughout the UK. A Project Delivery Group oversees the three workstreams:

  1. Developmental research
  2. Development and testing of online tool
  3. Project evaluation

SCiP Alliance Thriving Lives Toolkit: Implementation and Impact Evaluation report

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