Thriving Lives Families Survey Tool

This project, funded by the Ministry of Defence's Education Support Fund, will develop an online survey tool which schools will be able to use to secure Service children’s and families’ voices, and inform their Thriving Lives Toolkit self-assessment. It will help schools improve their understanding of, and support for, their Service children.

The project, overseen by a Project Delivery Group, is developing an online tool which will be administered by schools so that:

  • Schools develop a thorough understanding of how the toolkit’s seven principles are implemented within their school;
  • Schools can easily identify and evidence where their work with Service children is effective, and where/how this could be developed further;
  • Schools are able to interpret their school’s data against the Thriving Lives Toolkit, and use this to inform their priorities and actions;
  • The SCiP Alliance develops a more detailed and better evidenced understanding of unmet needs in relation to work with Service children, and of effective ways to address the needs of this cohort.


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