Embedding the voices of Armed Forces young people

Aim: Our vision is for policymaking and practice to be permeated by the voices of children and young people in Armed Forces families; a diverse group with unique experiences.

Partners: The project was run by a subgroup of the Management Group, with contracted work by Future Views Today.

The SCiP Alliance Listening To Learn report highlighted how deliberate, open, child-centred, change-oriented listening enhances the transformative effect of our work. It was the culmination of the Year of the Service Child Voice, a programme of investigation to improve our understanding of how those supporting the children of armed forces families and veterans put children’s voices at the heart of all they do. A great example is the Creative Forces model of university outreach, which brings young people together to talk to each other, to university students from Armed Forces families and to their teachers about what helps them.

A task and finish group, convened by the Management Group, commissioned sector research to establish, enhance and continually embed young people's engagement in the Alliance community which is

  • meaningful;
  • ethical and;
  • impactful.

The Task and Finish Group developed the research findings into a set of recommended considerations for

1. SCiP Alliance leadership and management;

2. The Alliance Community; and

3. Wider sector needs and opportunities.

Read the recommendations here

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